Selected Articles


We’ll Never Be Royals (PUNCH)

The Fruit Beers of Summer (Outside)

On Opening a Brewery (IMBIBE)


 25 Breweries You Should Know (DRAFT, with Erika Rietz and Christopher Staten )

A Pint a Day… The Top Five Health Benefits of Beer in Moderation” (Weekly Pint)

Barreling Big (Weekly Pint)

42 Reasons to Love Craft Beer (Weekly Pint)

The Evolution of IPA (Weekly Pint)


A Brief History of Sour Beer (New Yorker)

Great-Tasting Craft Beers That Won’t Wreck Your Body (Men’s Fitness)

Royally Brewed (Slate)

Keeping Portland Beer’d (Portland Monthly)

The Best Small-Batch Brewers in the World, From France to Japan (Bon Appétit)

Denver Changes Beer, Again (Sunset)

Weekly Pint: 

Craft Christmas (12/20/13)

Fresh Tracks, Top Taps (12/18/13)

Pint-Sized Presents (12/17/13)

Lake Effect (12/10/13)

Brewed Gratitude (11/28/13)

‘Tis the Season to Drink Great Beer (11/26/13)

Brew Reservations: Four of the Best Beer Restaurants in America (11/21/13)

Toque Taps: Luksus, Brooklyn (11/19/13)

Saluting the Burgundy of Beers (11/14/13)

Five for the Ages: The Best Beers of 2013, Part III (11/7/13)

Portland East… Portland Best? (11/5/13)

Best Use of Jack-O-Lanterns Yet (10/31/13)

Orange is the New Beer (10/29/13)

Just Brew It (10/24/13)

A Pint A Day… The Top Five Health Benefits of Beer in Moderation (10/22/13)

Brew Like Big Papi (10/17/13)

Heavy Medal Show: GABF (10/15/13)

Jam Session (10/13/13)

It’s Showtime: GABF Preview (10/3/13)

Craft Capital: DC (10/1/13)

Who Gose There? (9/26/13)

And the Crowd Went Wild (9/24/13)

Pages and Pints (9/24/13)

Ale Mail (9/17/13)

Sour Saturday (9/12/13)

Action, Jackson (9/10/13)

A Feast for All Time (9/5/13)

Big Beers & Broadswords (9/3/13)

Cider Up to the Bar (8/29/13)

The Class of 2013, Part II (8/27/13)

Sour Power (8/22/13)

You Oughta Be in Pitchers (8/20/13)

Beer Auctions Are a Real Thing Now (8/15/13)

The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Kitchen (8/13/13)

Berlinner Weisse, Tart & Nice (7/23/13)

Window Hopping: 20 of the Best Bottle Shops in America (7/18/13)

Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Bold: Beer Cocktails Come of Age (7/11/13)

Pils Perfect: Behold the Best American Pilsner Yet (7/9/13)

Red, White, & Brew: Beer Can Chicken, for the Love of Freedom (7/4/13)

Fermentation Nation (6/27/13)

The Truth About Craft Beer (6/25/13)

Brew It Yourself. Do it Yourself (6/20/13)

Terra Birra: Three Italian Brews with a Sense of Terroir (6/18/13)

Craft Course (6/13/13)

Bitter Truth: Love Them or Hate Them, Hops Are Here to Stay (6/11/13)

Tart Gallery: The Top 20 Sour Beers (6/6/13)

The Most Interesting Drink in the World (6/4/13)

Cold Comfort: Six Scoops of Frozen Beervana (5/30/13)

Best Cellars: New Craft Beer Tomes (5/28/13)

Simple Twist of Great: Homemade Beer Pretzels (5/23/13)

Fire & Spice: The Best Bourbon Barrel Aged Brews (5/21/13)

Wanna Be a Brewmaster? (5/16/13)

The Mother of All Beer Weeks (5/14/13)

Let Us All Eat Cake (5/9/13)

Big Apple Brews and Bites (5/7/13)

Beers By The Bushel: The Portland Fruit Beer Fest (5/2/13)

Beered Science: Three surprising facts behind the world’s oldest, best drink (4/30/13)

Hop Fidelity: The Best Beer, Food, and Rock Fests (4/25/13)

In Brewed Spirits: New artisanal alcohols take a page from the craft beer playbook (4/23/13)

Tap Into Apps (4/18/13)

The Class of 2013, Part I (4/16/13)

Brewing Up Culture: the Brooklyn Brewery Mash Tour (4/11/13)

Beware the Green Bottles: The Science of Skunky Beer (4/4/13)

Big Rivers & Bold Beers: Craft Beer Adventure Travel (4/2/13)

Could You Win Free Beer For Life? (3/28/13)

Class in Session: Low Alcohol Craft Beers (3/26/13)

Lights! Kegerator! Action! A Film Fest for Beer Lovers (3/21/13)

Beer at the Beards: Craft Beer and James Beard (3/19/13)

Return of the Kings: ‘The Festival’ 2013 (3/14/13)

Queens of the Beer Age: Behold, the Court of Craft Beer Royalty (3/7/13)

Broadcast Brews: Radio Shows for Craft Beer Lovers (3/5/13)

State of The Beer Union (2/28/13)

Big Beers in the Big Apple (2/26/13)

Hop Victors: Crowd sourcing the best beers in the world (2/21/13)

Bock: Don’t Call it a Comeback (2/19/13)

Glass Act: The New IPA Glass (2/14/13)

Happy Beerthday to Us (2/12/13)

Beer By the Bay: SF Beer Week (2/7/13)

Beer is (Good) Food (2/5/13)

Pigskin & Pints (1/31/13)

Your Food Enjoys Beer as Much as You Do (1/29/13)

Drinking Hoppy Beer in Moderation Might Be Good For You (1/24/13)

Beer Bash: Craft Beer’s Class of ‘88 (1/22/13)

He’s On a Highway to Ale: Golden Road’s Jesse Houck (1/17/13)

One-Stop Hopping: America’s New Growler Culture (1/15/13)

Tap Masters: The Cicerone Exam (1/10/13)

Raiders of the Lost Ale: Brewmasters are delving into history with delicious results (1/8/13)

The Best Beers of 2012 to try in 2013 (1/3/13)


How to Brew a Seasonal Beer (Outside)

Give Economy Hops With MicroBrew Tax Cut (Bloomberg Voices)

Beer Pairing is the New Wine Pairing (GQ)

Gluten Free Beer That Tastes Good (Outside) – 2012:

Gold in a Glass (May 29, 2012)

Hoppy History (May 24, 2012)

Graduate Into Good Beer (May 22, 2012)

Seven Day Beer Bacchanals (May 17, 2012)

Bacon in a Glass (May 10, 2012)

A River (of Beer) Runs Through It (May 1, 2012)

Rat Pack Six-Pack (March 1, 2012)

Grapes into Grain, Sacred or Profane? (April 26, 2012)

Pour One For The Planet (April 24, 2012)

Green Into Gold (April 12, 2012)

The Flavor of Freedom: Gluten-Free Beers (April 10, 2012)

Two Barrels Loaded (March 27, 2012)

Strap on the Nitro (March 13, 2012)

Beer Birds (February 9, 2012)

They Love Each Other: Cheese & Beer (February 7, 2012)

Pitchers of the Rye (April 17, 2012)

Spring Into Beer (April 19, 2012)

Craft Beer, Big Easy Style (Feb. 21, 2012)

Beer and Boards (Jan. 29, 2012)


Beer Nuts: Interview (Outside)

Exploring Oregon’s Willamette Valley (Departures, September, 2011)

Brauereisterben (Slate)

Germany’s All Day, Easy Drinking Beer (Men’s Journal)

The New Rules of Beer: Dark Lagers (1/28/11)

Drink Like a Viking: Norwegian Craft Beers (1/14/11)

Top Ten Beers From 2010 You Should Drink in 2011 (1/4/11)


Do the Hop (

Higher Education (Outside)

Beer Trail: Denver to Durango (Outside)


California’s Great Craft Beers (Profile, Patrick Rue of The Bruery) (Departures)

Ten Years of Adventure (Anniversary Issue)(PDF) (National Geographic Adventure – cover)

Pacific Revival (Budget Travel)

He’s Got Game: Terrence Brennan Serves the Wildest Meat the Law Allows (Edible Manhattan)

The New Masters: Meet the five brewers poised to redefine Oregon’s Craft Beer Movement.(Portland Monthly, July, 2010)

What It Takes…Three harrowing tales of wilderness survival. (Portland Monthly, June, 2010)

IDing P-Town (Portland Monthly, August, 2010)

Lust List: Portland Designers Create Beautiful Objects With Everyday Uses.(Portland Monthly, August, 2010)

The 25 Best Beers in the World 2010 (Men’s Journal)

Ten Christmas Craft Beers For Boozy Christmas Cheer (12/23/10)

Ten Stocking Stuffers for Craft Beer Lovers (12/17/2010)

This Year, Give the Gift of Really, Really Expensive Beer (12/10/10)

Naturally-Caffeinated Craft Beer in the Post-Four Loko Era (12/3/2010)

Brewing Towards a Greener Planet (11/19/10)

Interview: Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione on His New ShowBrew Masters Plus Exclusive Video Sneak Peeks(11/12/10)

The Mixed-Up World of Beer Cocktails (11/5/2010)

Craft Beer Goes Global: It’s Big in Italy (10/28/10)

Craft Beer Goes Global: It’s Big in Japan (10/14/10)

Fresh Hop Ales: A Seasonal and Ephemeral Genre of Brew (10/1/10)

The Science of Craft Beer, in Ten Easy Steps (9/21/10)

Oktoberfest Celebrates 200 Years of Ruining German Livers (9/15/10)

Beers, Like Wine, Can Improve With Age (9/9/10)

A Regional Guide to American Craft Beers (9/2/10)

Craft Course: Your American Craft Beer Primer (8/26/10)

James Beard Glamour Shots and Party Pics (5/4/10)

Beard Winner Jason Wilson on PDX-Seattle Rivalry (5/5/10)

Naomi Pomeroy “1,000% Sure” Next Year Belongs to PDX (5/4/10)


The Savior and the Storm on K2 (National Geographic Adventure)

Exploring San Diego’s Craft Beer Scene (Food & Wine)

America’s Best Beers (Men’s Journal)

He’s Got Game – Terrence Brennan Profile (Edible Manhattan)

First In: Czech Pilsners (National Geographic Adventure)

Sardinia (Outside)

Crete: Multisport in Mountainous Valleys (Outside)


The Green Issue, 4/20/08 (three items) (The New York Times Magazine)

America’s Best Beers 2008 (Men’s Journal)(PDF)

Fast Company (Men’s Journal)(PDF)

The Ripple Effect – Portland is the center of the green revolution. (Portland Monthly, October, 2008)

Beer Brawl (Portland Monthly, June, 2008)

Book Smarts (Portland Monthly, November, 2008)

Play.Pour.Drink.Repeat (Outside)

Warships of Tomorrow (Popular Science)

Scottish Highlands (Outside)


Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Hale, Hearty, Tough-As-Nails, Acclimatized-At-Birth Mountain People… (Outside)

Thailand Revisited (National Geographic Adventure)(PDF)

Best of the Pacific Northwest (National Geographic Adventure – Cover))

The Drinking Man’s Guide to the World’s Best Beers – 2007 (Men’s Journal)(PDF)

What It Feels Like… to Be Attacked By An Elephant (Esquire)

What It Feels Like… To Almost Drown While Kayaking (Esquire)

To The Victor – Peter Diamandis Interview (Outside)

A Place At The Table: Profile, John Delucie – (NYU Magazine)

King of the Mountain: Profile, Jake Burton – (NYU Magazine)

Lost Is Found: Profile, Rian Dundon – (NYU Magazine)

The Great Eight: Africa Trips 2007 (National Geographic Adventure)

Hype or Hazard? (National Geographic Adventure)

What it Takes: Matthew Hazley, Bricklayer

Australia Adventure (National Geographic Adventure)

Rise of the Machines (Outside)

The Ski Film is Dead. Long Live the Ski Film! (Outside)


What It Feels Like…To Row Across the Atlantic, Alone (Esquire)

D is for Decadence: Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska (Outside)

What It Feels Like to Run 350 Miles Non-Stop (Esquire)

The Best Beers in America – 2006 (Men’s Journal)

For Kinsman of a Famed Sherpa, Mount Everest is a Taxi Cab (The New York Times)

Seasonal Suds: Fall and Winter Beers (Outside)

Elizabeth Goldring, The Blind Inventor of the Seeing Machine. (Esquire)


The Fifty Best Beers in the World (Men’s Journal)

Best in Gym. (The New York Times, Nov. 24, 2005)


The 25 Best American Specialty Beers – (Men’s Journal)


The Hyperactive Weekend: New York City (Outside)

Anyone Want to Climb a 6,000 Meter Peak? (Men’s Journal)

Atomic Youth (Outside)


What’s Doing in Santa Fe (The New York Times)

Global Warming? Get Real. (Outside)

The Archdruid is Dead. Long Live the Archdruid! David Brower Obituary (OutsideOnline)

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