Strange Brew in the Executive Branch [Now We’re Talking]


You may ask yourself, why such a short table?
You may ask yourself, why such a short table?

Let posterity show that the last week of July, 2009, beer and its mythical powers to unite the irreconcilable became the number one conversation in America. Earlier this week I got an email I won’t soon forget, from NIGHTLINE, offering me a chance to comment on the so-called Beer Summit at the White House, which, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will recall was convened by President Obama to diffuse the tension following his comments on the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. by Cambridge, Mass., Police Officer Sergeant Jim Crowley. Phew. So how could I resist? In the end, the three guys and Vice President Biden joined each other for an awkward exchange on a ridiculously small picnic table for beers, the brands of which threatened to overshadow the Very Important Reason for their little brew down in Obamatown. Here’s the result. Blink and you’ll miss me, right after Barbara Walters and Barack himself raise their eyebrows at all the considerable fuss.

Introducing The Accidental Extremist

The best kind of travel is the least-expected. Even if it means narrowly escaping disaster. Especially if it means narrowly escaping disaster. Ever think to yourself, “I shoulda stayed home”? Tell your story over on my new blog, The Accidental Extremist

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The FaceBook Election Newsfeed

Hillary Clinton has posted a note to the group Hillary ‘08. “Dear Supporters, I’ve discovered this marvelous computer program called FaceSpace. Before you do an unclick, this ISN’T one of those games or pornography!  Let’s hope it helps bring us all closer to what I like to call the Chelsea demographic.” (12:04 am)

Chelsea Clinton has left the group Hillary ’08. (12:05 am)

Hillary Clinton dedicated a song to Barack Obama. To hear “Ain’t Nuthin But a G Thang,” by Snoop Dogg, click here. (12:17 am)

Hillary Clinton sent John McCain a Growing Gift. (9:43 am). Click here to see Hillary’s Growing Gift.

John McCain left Facebook. (9:44 am)

Hillary Clinton purchased No Country For Old Men using Fandango. (9:45 am)


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