Heads Up

 Occasionally I contribute to The New York Times’  Thursday Styles section and its Physical Culture column. Here’s the latest. In short, want to document your hair-raising two-wheeled morning commute? Or attempts at extreme mountain biking, Mister and Missus Weekend Warrior? Now you can, more easily than ever. RELATED: Joanne Colan of Rocketboom threads Manhattan in this cool video. And here’s another insane look at Manhattan through the eye of a helmet camera, thanks YouTube. 

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High Plains Drifter

Himalayas in QueensWho ever said New York doesn’t have everything? Now that Sherpas have moved en masse from the Himalayas to New York City, it only makes sense the Himalayas should follow suit. After all, the great range has around 100 peaks that soar above 7,000 meters; New York City has some 35 high-rise buildings that soar over 700′; ambition itself dwells here! (OK, so do giant rats, and toxic preschools). In the spirit of reaching higher, though, some very enterprising Hindu monks in Queens have been working on a remarkable basketball court-sized replica of the sacred range since 1994, nearly filling a former electronics warehouse in Woodside, scheduled to open sometime in 2008. Amid snowcapped peaks that rise to nearly 20′ are a dozen model train sets, model fire engines, and a few teal colored convertibles parked outside an ersatz American-style diner. There’s no sign of any yeti so far; supplemental oxygen won’t be necessary. Via Gothamist. Related: Sherpas on Prime Time.