The FaceBook Election Newsfeed

Hillary Clinton has posted a note to the group Hillary ‘08. “Dear Supporters, I’ve discovered this marvelous computer program called FaceSpace. Before you do an unclick, this ISN’T one of those games or pornography!  Let’s hope it helps bring us all closer to what I like to call the Chelsea demographic.” (12:04 am)

Chelsea Clinton has left the group Hillary ’08. (12:05 am)

Hillary Clinton dedicated a song to Barack Obama. To hear “Ain’t Nuthin But a G Thang,” by Snoop Dogg, click here. (12:17 am)

Hillary Clinton sent John McCain a Growing Gift. (9:43 am). Click here to see Hillary’s Growing Gift.

John McCain left Facebook. (9:44 am)

Hillary Clinton purchased No Country For Old Men using Fandango. (9:45 am)


Mike Huckabee has posted a video and commented on it. Click here to view the video, “Mitt Romney: Even Jesus Christ Couldn’t Save That Guy!”

“I wasn’t going to show you this ad Ralph Reed did for us, because it just doesn’t seem awful neighborly. But I changed my mind. The man is Beelzebub. No souls were injured in the making of this video.” (10:21 am)

Mike Huckabee added “Chronicles of Narnia” to his favorite movies. (10:43 am)

Mike Huckabee added “Pakistan” and “Freemasonry” to his interests. (11:01 am)

Mike Huckabee and Pervez Musharraf are now friends. (11:02 am)


Barack Obama posted a new note. To read his note, titled “My Senior Thesis (H.S.)” click here. (12:05 pm)

Barack Obama joined the group Obama for President of Facebook. Click here to join Obama for President of Facebook.

Barack Obama changed his occupation from “Senator” to “President of Facebook.” (12:38 pm)

Barack Obama dedicated a song to Hillary Clinton. To hear “Deeez Nuuuts” by Snoop Dogg, click here. (12:47 pm)


William Jefferson Clinton joined Facebook. (1:00 pm)

William Jefferson Clinton changed his name to Big Poppa. (1:01pm)

Big Poppa posted a note. “So what the hell IS the meaning of is? Cool site.” (1:01pm)

Big Poppa created a group, Clintons For Huckabee ’08. (1:03 pm) and posted a note. “Go Mike! HOPE you get the nomination. Heh. Love, Bill/Hill.”


Mitt Romney changed his relationship status. He went from “In an open relationship” to “Married.” (2:14 pm)


Rudy Giuliani changed his date of birth to “9/11/01.” (4:02 pm)

Rudy Giuliani and Larry Craig are now friends. (4:04 pm)


George W. Bush purchased Alvin And The Chipmunks using Fandango. (6:30 pm)

George W. Bush added the SuperPoke application. (10:19 pm)

George W. Bush decided to defenestrate Scooter Libby. (10:20 pm)

George W. Bush decided to drunk dial David Petraeus. (10:20 pm)

George W. Bush decided to throw a sheep at Ron Paul. (10:21 pm)

George W. Bush has called la migra on Bill Richardson. (11:47 pm)

George W. Bush decided to sucker punch Hillary Clinton. (11:45 pm)

George W. Bush decided to pray for George W. Bush. (11:59 pm)


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