What It Is…

takeoffLast April I had the outrageous fortune of being invited to heliski the Tordrillo Range of Alaska, about 80 miles outside of Anchorage, with Chugach Powder Guides, on assignment for Outside Magazine. What miracles did I perform to deserve such an assignment? I’m still wondering. After 3 steady days of snowfall that kept our group very much indoors, we flew high into the hills for the first winter time descents in the 1500 square mile range. And, well, I’m not worthy: the terrain was absolutely incredible. There’s a brief writeup on that luckfest here, under the the Outside Magazine articles section (see “D is for Decadence”). And hey travelers, worried about SARS, Avian Flu? Fugheddabout it. OK, what about the measles? Think again. Also on my site, under the National Geographic Adventure slug, two doctors’ take on what is hype, and what is a hazard, when traveling the world, from this month’s issue of National Geographic Adventure.


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